Algebra is all about finding the unknown or putting variables into equations and then solving them. It is fundamental to every topic in math and if mastered, math becomes very simple. A concrete foundation in Algebra is most important.

Geometry in it’s simplest form is the mathematical study of shapes and space. It test more of your visual aptitude and can be challenging.

Trigonometry is basically the study of the triangle. It is one of the easiest topics to master.

Calculus is the study of how things change. Among the disciplines that utilize calculus include Physics, Engineering and Statistics. It is one of the most enjoyable courses.

Financial Math, a topic which teaches you the concept of interest¬† rates and time value of money. It is key to understand this if you don’t want to get trapped in the world of debt. This section gives you free marks in an exam once you know how to approach it.¬†

Statistics. A key course, especially in today’s world. It helps you navigate information critically and shows you how easily numbers can be manipulated to create any narrative be it true or false. It is easy to pass statistics if taught properly.